Welcome to Yandere Areri's Necropolis High Family And Nostalgia Guardians/The UWU family

Welcome to yandere Areri's necropolis high family/the uwu family!! well, what do u get from joining us? well first off, a verification system from mimu bot, it's a very friendly server with kind staff and mods and kind owner!! we also have self-promo & we allow mild cuss words like damn, crap, hell, We don't want esccecive swearing despite mild words being tolerable, addinaly check out our other 2 servers that were made from a mod of the necropolis server aka yandere Areri cafe and Areri SMP. addinaly, we have channels for both verified and unverified members to access. and we are making tweaks and changes to the server channels every day! join us today!!